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Accessing Condoms: Spain’s Youth Program

The initiative comes amid a significant rise in sexually transmitted infections in Europe.

Spain is considering providing free condoms to young people in an effort to tackle high rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

The possible measure was announced by health minister Mónica García on Thursday before the Senate Health Committee.

“It makes no sense to cover a vaccine to prevent an infection but not a barrier method such as a condom,” the minister said.

She explained the ministry was considering having condoms covered by the public health system and free of charge for “young people with less purchasing power, which have a significant increase in sexually transmitted infections”.

Accessing Condoms: Spain's Youth Program

Accessing Condoms: Spain’s Youth Program

Details of the plan have not yet been officially published by the government.

Spain’s health ministry told Euronews that the measure is still under consideration.

However, Spanish news agency EFE has reported that the free condoms would be for young people aged 14 to 22, regardless of their income.

They would be available in pharmacies using people’s health cards, the agency reported citing ministry sources.

Spanish regions have the authority to handle issues related to health so the ministry would have to coordinate with local governments.

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