Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Studies

Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Studies

The ISA has joined together with Oxford University Press to revitalize the International Studies Encyclopedia as part of Oxford’s Research Encyclopedias program. The complete Encyclopedia of International Studies is now available along with new and revised articles as the Oxford Research Encyclopedia (ORE) of International Studies. Editor in Chief Nukhet Sandal and a team of academic advisors are overseeing the commissioning and ongoing publication of new content. Visitors to the ORE site can now browse the full text of new, revised, and classic articles.

OREIS is available online for all ISA members and can also be purchased directly through Oxford University Press. Members can access all content through the Member Publications Access portal.

Meet the Editor

General Editor
Nukhet Sandal is a Professor of Political Science at Ohio University
[email protected]

The Editorial Team

Project Manager for Oxford University Press

Molly Balikov, Oxford University Press
[email protected]

Editorial Board

Victor Asal
Soumita Basu
Gilbert M. Khadiagala
Neophytos Loizides
Cintia Quiliconi
Matthew Weinert

Advisory Board

Mark A. Boyer
Bruce Bueno de Mesquita
Robert Denemark
Paul F. Diehl
Theo Farrell
Jef Huysmans
Patrick James
Margaret Keck
Jacek Kugler
Craig Murphy
Daniel Nexon
Nicholas Onuf
MJ Peterson
Brian Pollins
Gerald Schneider
Laura Sjoberg
Etel Solingen
Kendall Stiles
William Thompson
J. Anne Tickner
Thomas Volgy