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9 great spring getaways for dogs in 2023

Since your fur buddy has been stuck inside during winter, spring is the perfect time to spend the outdoors with them.

Wondering what activities you may do with your pet? No worries, we got you the best spring activities for dogs!

After those pretty lonesome stuck-at-home winter seasons, spring is finally here! It’s time to venture out in the open to feel the thrill of spring.

In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of the best spring activities for dogs to enjoy.

Humans are not the only ones that can have fun during spring. There are plenty of activities for you and Fido.

Now that the weather is warming up, start to prepare Fido’s leash. It’s time to say hello to the sunshine.

9 great spring getaways for dogs in 2023

9 great spring getaways for dogs in 2023

9 Activities To Do With Your Dog During Spring

Below is a list of activities you can do this spring! Plus some precautions you should look out for as well!

Walk Around your Neighborhood

It’s the best time to go out, especially since winter break is over! Your pet is either too anxious or too excited to go out for a walk.

Either way, a short 10-minute walk can ease their overstimulation.

You can start by walking outside your home little by little until you can go outside. Don’t overdo it or do it all at once, as it may cause anxiety for your dog.

A gradual and short walk can help your pet embrace the spring season!


Hiking is a great activity for your dogs. It can boost their mental, physical, and even social well-being.

This can also ease their boredom and help them discover new places with a sense of security since you’re around.

First, start with short hikes, as straining their muscles and joints can lead to serious injury. Remember to take water and breaks as well!


What’s better than a walk? A run to a field, of course!

Nothing’s better than running across an open area without a leash! Imagine absolute freedom, refreshment, and excitement.

It’s best to do this with a trained dog that knows return commands. We don’t want to run across the field chasing our dogs.

Beach Around

This will be a treat if your dog loves the water! You can look for a pet-friendly local beach and swim with your fur buddy.

Your dog will love this outdoor activity! Take precautions with your surroundings, especially sea creatures that may wind up on the shore.

Dogs are curious and may be bitten or nipped if they get too close.

Scent Therapy

Spring is finally here! And the outside world holds so many new things. The way dogs process this can be through sight and smell!

Dogs communicate with the world through their scent and aroma.

They can identify a person, place, object, and other animals through scent. Dogs love smelling everything they can, as it is how they understand things.

Have your dog walk around and just let them do their smelling business!

Play Catch or Frisbee

What can make running around the field better? Catching balls or frisbee!

Nothing is more exciting when you chase something in an open area. It just makes things more fun and better!

Camping or Picnic

Going on a camp or a picnic is a great way to spend time with your dog. Being outdoors together, exploring the place, enjoying great food and scenery.

Your dog will love this activity. Be careful with your dog’s food intake, as they may feast on the same food you are eating, which may also be toxic.

Blind Date Around

Dogs may get all too anxious from staying at home too long. This is the perfect time to meet up with other dog pals!

Of course, owners should consider how their dogs feel, introduce them gradually, make their playdate comfortable, and make it safe!

This can help dogs feel more comfortable to open up to the other dog and get to know each other faster.

Make Over

Since the winter season is over, your pet may start shedding as preparation for the warmer weather.

This is the perfect time to give them good grooming or a makeover! Maybe a haircut or just a trim can be a great new look!

Grooming your dog during spring can help shed loose hair and dead skin cells. Pay attention to other body parts such as ears, skin, teeth, eyes, and nails!

Precautions for your Dog During Spring

Although the season for the outdoors has arrived, owners must take note of some safeguards that their pets may need during the Spring Season.

Don’t Overstimulate or Over-exert Your Pet!

Since winter, your pet must have less exercise and outdoor experience, and it may not be in its best shape.

Remember to start with short walks and not over-exert their energy. They may begin their usual activities after a couple or more days outside!

Be Alert with Allergies

Spring is the season of flowers blooming and dust accumulating. This can mean that it may trigger allergies in some pets.

Make sure to watch out for the symptoms and have them checked immediately.


Always make sure that your dog is hydrated. Dogs may get too busy playing around and too busy to remember they’re thirsty.

Have accessible water around them, especially when the weather is warmer. Dehydration can cause dizziness, panting, loss of appetite, and dry nose in dogs.

Toxic Plants

Flowers that bloom in spring are absolutely beautiful, but of course, not all flowers are safe for our fur buddies.

Some flowers that bloom in spring, like, Daffodils Hyacinth, Lilies, Wisteria, etc., are quite toxic for our fur buddies.

Wild Animals

As spring comes closer, animals wake up from their hibernation.

If you decide to hike in the woods, be mindful of wild animals such as bears, deer, and other animals that may be around.

The same goes for the beach. Some sea creatures wind up there.

Since our dogs can be too curious, be attentive when approaching something unfamiliar.

Worms, Tick, Fleas, and Lyme Disease

Warmer weather calls for action for diseases. Tick, flea, and even Lyme diseases are more common during spring to summer.

Ensure your dog is checked regularly. Ensure they have their deworming and other medication to prevent these diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Leptospirosis common during Spring?

Leptospirosis is common during warmer and rainy weather. Be mindful of the puddles you and your dog pass by, as they may contain rat excretion.

Leptospirosis symptoms include fever, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, jaundice, etc.

If you suspect your pet to have Leptospirosis, have them checked immediately with their veterinarian, as it may be contagious. 

How long can a dog play in the heat?

If the outdoor temperature is lower than 32ºF and exceeds more than 90ºF, it’s best not to prolong their outdoor activities for more than 10-15 minutes.

Check your dog’s condition occasionally if the weather is over their comfort zone.

Do dogs act differently in spring?

Every dog is different and unique. During springtime, some pet owners notice that their dogs tend to be more active and energetic during spring.

That’s because the melatonin level of dogs (the hormone that regulates sleep) rises during the fall and winter seasons and declines again in early spring.

Spring Activities For Dogs: Summary

The cold season has finally ended, and the snow is now melting. The days are getting longer, which means there are plenty of possible activities you can do with your pup.

This blog can be your to-do list of the best spring activities for dogs. With these adventures, Fido will have a great time and exercise with all these fun activities.

For instance, you can take your dog hiking, on a beach trip, or just a normal catch play will be fun and strengthen your bond.

However, remember that there are some precautions regarding these spring activities. Watch out for parasites, toxic plants, and dehydration during this season.

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