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Dog can’t poop: How to help a constipated dog

What is constipation in dogs?

Constipation in dogs is when a dog is unable to poo, or is struggling to poo — which is typically dry and hard. Older dogs are more prone to constipation but it can be seen in any breed of dog at any age.

What should I do if my dog can’t poop?

Constipation in dogs should not be ignored, as if left untreated it can lead to more serious issues. If your dog hasn’t pooed for more than 24 hours be sure to get it checked out by your vet. If you’re worried about your constipated dog call your vet or, out of hours, your nearest Vets Now. If it’s not an emergency but you would like some advice, book an online video consultation with our vets here.

Constipated dogs may pass small amounts of faeces or nothing at all

Constipated dogs may pass small amounts of faeces or nothing at all

Treatment for mild constipation typically involves stopping your dog eating unusual or indigestible items and providing access to water and a high-fibre diet. Suppository laxatives may also be given, although long-term use is not recommended unless absolutely necessary.Treatment of mild to moderate constipation may involve admitting your dog so that he can be given enemas and fluids (a drip) to rehydrate them. Manual removal of impacted faeces may also be necessary. In cases of intact (uncastrated) males where the prostate is the cause of constipation, castration may be recommended.

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