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If Your Dog Eats Dry Food Most Dog Owners Don’t Know This

If you have dogs, this could be relevant to you.

According to Dr. Gary Richter, one of the world’s top veterinarians, “canine health, both here in America and around the world, is nowhere near where it should be,” says Dr. Richter. “And the #1 cause comes down to one thing: Nutrition.”

According to Richter, some breeds — such as Golden Retrievers — have seen their average lifespans cut nearly in half over the past 30 years.1

And veterinary research shows a major factor is the “high-heat” cooking method of common dog foods, which adds toxins such as advanced glycation end products and maillard reaction products to kibble, canned food, and even many premium dog foods.2

“These toxins are hidden from the label, because they’re created when the food is cooked,” says Richter. “But they’re in the food nonetheless.”3

The low nutritional value of common dog foods is also a major contributor to bad odors, low energy, eating grass, drinking more water than usual, smelly or mushy poop, scooting, digestive issues, anxiousness, bad breath, itchy skin, and many other common problems in dogs.4

Now, after years of studying the issue and even writing a best-selling book, Richter says he has finally found a way to fight back.

One dog parent in the United States, Chris Baker, said:

“My 7 year old male yellow lab was lethargic and rarely would even get up to [greet] us when we came home. Now less than one month later you would think he was transformed back into a puppy. Our Lab was constantly licking his paws raw, and hasn’t touched them since. I’m as skeptical as anyone… but now I’m a believer!”

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If Your Dog Eats Dry Food Most Dog Owners Don't Know This

If Your Dog Eats Dry Food Most Dog Owners Don’t Know This

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