How to Use the Yos T Scanner in Atomic Heart: A Guide to Scanning Objects and Navigating the Game World

Atomic Heart is an upcoming first-person shooter video game, and the scanner is one of the primary tools that players will use to explore the game world and interact with various objects.

To use the scanner in Atomic Heart, you will need to equip it from your inventory, which you can access by pressing a designated key or button (this may vary depending on the platform you’re playing on). Once you have the scanner equipped, you can use it to scan various objects and environments.

To scan an object or environment, simply aim your crosshairs at the target and press the scanner button (again, this may vary depending on your platform). The scanner will then emit a beam that will scan the object and provide you with various information, such as the object’s type, properties, and any possible interactions.

In addition to scanning objects, the scanner can also be used to track objectives and locate hidden items. By using the scanner’s “tracking mode,” you can scan the environment for clues and hints that will lead you to your next objective or hidden item.

Overall, the scanner is a versatile tool that will play an important role in your exploration of the game world in Atomic Heart.

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