This sounds way too evil to be true

This sounds way too evil to be true, but some reports suggest the Israeli government may have allowed Hamas to penetrate their extremely advanced security apparatus, in order to use that as justification to take Gaza.

How did barbarians cross what is considered by many to be the most fortified border on earth? Why did it take so long for them to be met with force?

Perhaps it is because Israel was especially vulnerable due to it being a Jewish holiday where many members of the faith were without internet.

That could also be argued the other way though, as in the past Hamas has chosen Jewish holidays to attack, so in theory, they should increase their defense presence even more on those days, and be extra vigilant of possible upcoming attacks beforehand! That is the difficult reality.

It’s also shocking to me that they didn’t have a military unit ready to go combat the terrorists in the first seconds! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!?!?! Makes me sick to my stomach to think about, because even a small unit at the ready could have saved so many people!

It’s worth noting as well that Israel has had rockets raining down on them for decades and faced the constant threat of attacks from Hamas militants. The Israeli government could easily perceive it as worth losing some lives in the interim if the end goal is significantly more safety for their citizens in the region after taking Gaza.

That said, if this was planned, they probably could have justified taking Gaza, to most of the world at least, without losing so many lives in such a horrific way.

Considering all evidence, my opinion is that inexcusable negligence by the Israeli government led to the attack being possible that has cost Israel over 1000 lives already.

Despite the fact the citizens have a right to be upset that their government failed to protect them better, I do not believe this was allowed or intentional in any way by the Israeli government.

Still, considering how many evil things governments have done in the past to justify war, we can’t completely look past the possibility.

Regardless of any of our opinions, the war is still going to play out and many many more innocent civilians are going to die. Praying that peace is achieved quickly and with the least amount of life lost as possible, even if strength (lamentably) is potentially the only way to achieve that!

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