Inclusive Intercultural Education in Multicultural Societies

Figure 2. Intercultural education. Areas of development.

Published online: 29 November 2021 Summary Cultural diversity is a characteristic of plural societies, and the way that each society approaches that diversity determines whether or not the societies evolve or stagnate, whether cultural groups remain segregated or integrate, and whether social inequalities grow or if communities affirm the value …

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Is It “I Wish I Were” Or “I Wish I Was”?

Picture it. You’re texting your buddy, and you type out “I wish I were.” But there’s that pesky autocorrect, trying to change it to “I wish I was.” Is autocorrect ducking with you, or are you about to commit a grammar faux pas? What is the difference between were and was? Were and was are both …

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243 Easy and Simple Speech Topics

243 Easy and Simple Speech Topics What makes a speech topic easy? DRIf you have interest and knowledge in a specific subject, it makes for an easy speech topic. If a subject is not complex, it makes for an easy subject. If you have interest and knowledge on a simple …

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How to Facilitate Remote Socratic Seminars

How to Facilitate Remote Socratic Seminars Disciplined conversations about texts deepen students’ understanding—and build a sense of community during distance learning. No matter the circumstances, the most powerful learning experiences for high school students often involve student-led discussions that foster connections with each other, as well as with critical texts and …

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Immigration – A Broken System

TRANSLATE 23. Immigration – A Broken System SEARCH IMAGES Immigration in the United States is a complicated and controversial issue. Since the founding of the country people have come from different countries in search of a better life and opportunities. Immigration laws, however, are always changing and are complicated. This leads to many people coming into the U.S. without proper legal status. While some people call immigrants who come …

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