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Darius Miles and his connection to Alabama Basketball

Darius Miles is a former NBA player who was born on October 9, 1981, in Belleville, Illinois. He did not play college basketball in Alabama or any other state, but rather jumped directly to the NBA from high school.

Miles was selected as the third overall pick in the 2000 NBA draft by the Los Angeles Clippers. He played for the Clippers from 2000-2002 before being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Miles played for several other NBA teams throughout his career, including the Portland Trail Blazers, Memphis Grizzlies, and Boston Celtics.

Although he did not play for an Alabama college basketball team, Miles did have a connection to the state. His high school, East St. Louis High School, was located in Illinois just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri. Miles’ high school team played in the 1999 McDonald’s All-American Game in Birmingham, Alabama, where he scored 12 points and was named co-MVP of the game.

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