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Meeting Analysis Boston Celtics VS Miami Heat

The Boston Celtics lost to the Miami Heat to open their season, and they will now get a chance at vengeance. The defending titleholders will leave sunny South Beach for the bitter cold wave of Beantown when they visit their Eastern Conference rivals at TD Garden.

The game is to be nationally televised, and the bad blood that exists between both outfits will be boiling over. Longtime Boston addict favorite Ray Allen chose to subscribe with the Heat over the Celtics this once summer, a move that drew the wrath of both the suckers and teammate Kevin Garnett.

Little did either platoon know just how important of a difference one player would make. Allen has done an excellent job as the Heat’s sixth man, and Miami enters this game atop the Eastern Conference and on a four- game winning band.

The Celtics aren’t so lucky. The loss of Allen has left their offense fully anemic, and they will be hoping to pull off the worried and break their season- worst six- game losing band.

With a passionate Boston crowd cheering them on and a tough protective approach designed to decelerate down brigades that like to score, the stage is set for the ultimate vengeance game, and the public followership is just the cherry on top.

Time Sunday, January 27, 1p.m. EST

television Alphabet

Records Miami Heat( 28- 12)vs. Boston Celtics( 20- 23)

laying Line Not available as of Saturday, January 26, 203p.m. EST

Injuries None

crucial plot Can Celtics retaliate Opening Night Loss?

Boston and Miami first faced off on NBA Opening Night, back on October 30. The game took place at AmericanAirlines Arena, and was a rematch of the two brigades that went toe- to- toe in Game 7 of the 2012 Eastern Conference Tests.

still, that wasn’t the main story of the night. It was rather the drama girding Heat sixth man Ray Allen, who had spent the former five seasons in Boston. His taking lower plutocrat to join Miami did not sit too kindly with Celtics big man Kevin Garnett, who famously snubbed Allen upon the shooter’s approach for a handshake as he checked into the game.

It all went upwardly for the Celtics from there. Thanks to 26 points and 10 rebounds from reigning MVP LeBron James, plus 29 points from Dwyane Wade, the Heat went on to win 120- 107. On Boston’s end, Paul Pierce led with 23 points.

That has since come the story of the Celtics’ season. youngish and faster brigades tend to make short work of them, and their current six- game losing band has them in theNo. 8 spot in the Eastern Conference. That adds some irony to the game, as Boston and Miami would face each other in the playoffs yet again if the season were to end moment.

In this case, Boston will just have to calculate on home court advantage and Miami’s road straits. While the megahit are only 10- 9 on the road, the Celtics are 13- 9 at home,

This game’s going to be close, and it will not be at all surprising if the overall intensity results in some specialized fouls being handed out as well.

crucial tourney Chris Boshvs. Kevin Garnett

There’s one way to master the Miami Heat defense and rebounding. The platoon ranks fifth in scoring and 13th in points allowed, but is the worst rebounding platoon in the league.

This can be attributed to head trainer Erik Spoelstra concluding to start Chris Bosh at center. Bosh has the size for the position at 6′ 11″, 235- pounds, but plays more like a stretch 4 than he does a pure protective 5. As a result, he and the Heat frequently struggle against brigades with superior size or defense in the middle.

Bosh is comprising17.2 points,7.2 rebounds and1.4 blocks per game, but has plodded over his last five games. Over that stretch, he has posted just 12 points and6.4 boards.

Seeing as how the Celtics are a Doc Rivers counseled protective team, Bosh is going to need to have a great game despite being defended by one of the game’s stylish protectors in Kevin Garnett.

Garnett may be on the wrong side of 36, but he has still managed to perform well in the makeup for Boston this season. He has equaled 14.7 points,7.2 rebounds and just under a block per game, using his 6′ 11″, 253- pound frame to make life miserable for opposing players who dare try and get past his tough defense.

Like Bosh, Garnett too plays like a scoring power forward. His age has not burgled him of his excellent jump shot, and he’s not reluctant to break it out to give his Celtics with some redundant oomph on offense.

still, the difference between Garnett and Bosh is that unlike Garnett, Bosh has not yet learned how to balance his scoring with a tough protective trouble. All he can really do in this game is bank on Garnett not being suitable to keep up with the Heat’s fast- paced offense, which will allow Bosh to use his muumuu as much as he pleases.

Meeting Analysis Boston Celtics VS Miami Heat

Meeting Analysis Boston Celtics VS Miami Heat


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